The Forgeois Group is the force behind multiple celebrated restaurants in New York City. The enterprise was born out of owner George Forgeois’ desire to recreate the establishments he treasured in his youth — a desire to transport the food and atmosphere of his native France to his adoptive New York. And with that, a commitment to never forget that the Bistro experience is about comfort, contentment, excitement, and warmth.



Since opening in 1997, Le Singe has been "The Marais reborn" in Chelsea, with its authentic French cuisine, well-curated wines, live music, and a large patio. The perfect mix of French bistro style and laid back local vibe. Bar Only Capacity: 20 Dining Room Seated: 65  Terrace: 32

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A taste of Boulevard St. Germain on St. Mark’s, Jules Bistro has captivated diners for over 20 years with its amber coziness, nightly live jazz, and authentic French bistro cuisine. This is also a perfect intimate space for private parties. Bar Capacity: 18 Dining Room Seated: 75  Terrace: 20

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Bar Tabac is an irresistible bistro in Brooklyn. The wagon room, with its atrium skylight, is an intimate space for private partiesPrivate Dining Room: 25

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